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We got some good pictures to share of the work being done to improve our tribal land. I will go through them and pick some good ones to share here soon. Even with the misting cold rain today they managed to get a lot done. They are planning to continue working every weekend for the next several weeks. There was even discussions about what to do about our fellowship in November and trying to shake things up again. With the weather getting colder we will have to consider moving our fellowship gatherings back indoors at the Rec Center. November is Native American Heritage Month and we always have a big too-do to celebrate. Everyone breaks out their regalia and we ask our artisans to bring their crafts to show off and sell. Our treasurer Donna is working on some of the planning and I will reach out to the Rec Center and see if we can possibly get the big room to rent. We will be shooting for either the 14th (our usual Fellowship day) or the 21st. Keep checking back here for definite date and time soon.

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