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Arnica Flower


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Common Names:  Arnica Flowers, Arnica Root, Leopard’s Bane, Mountain Tobacco, Wolfs-bane

Scientific Name:  Arnica Montana

Common Uses:  Fever and colds, Inflammation of the skin, Cough/bronchitis, Inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, Rheumatism, Common cold, Blunt injuries, Tendency to infection, External folk medicine uses include consequences of injury such as traumatic edema, hematoma, contusions, as well as rheumatic muscle and joint problems. Other applications are inflammation of the oral and throat region, furunculosis, inflammation caused by insect bites and phlebitis, used to treat uterine hemorrhaging. Furthermore, the drug is used for myocarditis, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, exhaustion, cardiac insufficiency, sprians, contusions and for hair loss due to psycological causes.

*Warnings:  The risks connected with the external, appropriate administration of therapeutic dosages of the drug are minimal. Frequent administration, in particular of the undiluted tincture, as well as with contacts with the plant, can nevertheless lead to sensitization. Allergy-related skin rashes with itching, blister formation, ulcers and superficial necroses can result from repeated contact with, among other things, cosmetics containing Arnica flowers or other composites (for example tansy, chrysanthemums, sunflowers). External application of very high concentrations can also result in primary blister formation and necroses. Drug Interactions: The coumarin componant may theoretically interact with warfarin, resulting in an additive anticoagulant effect.

Origin:  Herb of pasture and open woodland throughout most of Europe and Western Asia.

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