Asparagus Powder, Bulk by the Ounce

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Common Names:  Sparrow Grass Most

Scientific Name:  Asparagus Officinalis

Common Uses:  Infections of the urinary tract, Kidney and bladder stones. Traditional uses of the root include application for non-specific inflammatory diseases of the efferent urinary tract and for prevention of kidney and bladder stone (irrigation therapy). Among other folk medicine uses are dropsy, rheumatic conditions, liver disease, bronchial asthma and gout. These applications have not been proven.

*Warnings:  No health hazards or side effects are known in conjunction with the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages. When used in irrigation therapy, ensure ample fluid intake. There is a low sensitization potential, particularly among workers in canning factories who can become prone to asparagus scabies.

Origin:  The plant grows in central and southern Europe, the Middle East, western Siberia and northern Africa. It is cultivated in many places.

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