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Common Names:  Astragalus (available from numerous manufacturers), Astragalus Root, Superior Chinese Astragalus, Astragalus Vergicaps, Astragalus Extract, Alvita Astragalus Root

Common Uses:  The herb has been used for respiratory infections, immune depression, cancer, heart failure, viral infections, liver disease and kidney disease. Astragalus has also been used as a diuretic. Chinese Medicine: The herb has been used alone and in combination for liver fibrosis, acute viral myocarditis, heart failure, small cell lung cancer, amenorrhea, and antiviral.

*Warnings:  Caution should be taken with patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy, such as transplant patients, or patients with autoimmune diseases. Extracts of Astragalus lusitanicus in animal models resulted in toxic excitatory cardiac effects and respiratory depression, involving skeletal muscle and neurological systems.

Origin:  Astragalus australis is an endemic plant of the Olympic Mountains, Washington. Other species are grown in northern and southern parts of China, Japan, and Korea.

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