Bilberry Leaf


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Common Names:  Airelle, Arandano, Bilberry Fruit, Bilberry Leaf, Black Whortles, Bleaberry, Brimbelle, Burren Myrtle, Dwarf Bilberry, Dyeberry, European Bilberry, Feuille de Myrtille, Fruit de Myrtille, Gueule Noire, Huckleberry, Hurtleberry, Mauret, Myrtille, Myrtille Europeenne, Myrtilli Fructus, Raisin des Bois, Swedish Bilberry, Trackleberry, Vaccinium Myrtillus, Whortleberry, Wineberry.

Scientific Name:  Vaccinium Myrtillus

Common Uses: Problems with the retina of the eye in people with diabetes or high blood pressure. Research studies used a product that had a high concentration of the chemicals in bilberry that seem to improve blood circulation. There is contradictory evidence about the effectiveness of bilberry for improving night vision. However, the weight of evidence suggests bilberry is not effective for night vision. Chest pain (angina),Varicose veins, Cataracts, Hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), Diabetes, Arthritis (osteoarthritis), Gout, Skin problems, Hemorrhoids, Urinary tract problems, Chronic fatigue syndrome.

*Warnings:  Fresh bog bilberry fruit might be UNSAFE. The concern is fungus that sometimes grows on bog bilberry fruit. This fungus can be poisonous in large amounts. Signs of poisoning include vomiting, mental changes, weakness, changes in vision, and other symptoms. There isn’t enough information to know whether it’s safe to take dried bog bilberry in medicinal amounts. Pregnancy and breast-feeding: It might be UNSAFE to take bog bilberry in large amounts. Avoid use.

Origin:  Bilberry is a relative of the American blueberry and is a short, shrubby perennial growing in northern Europe.

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