Black Cohosh Root


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Common Names:  Blackcohush, Blacksnakeroot, Bugbane, Bugwort, Cimicifuga, Rattleroot, Rattleweed, Richweed, Snakeroot, Squawroot

Scientific Name:  Cimicifuga Racemosa L., Ranunculaceael, Buttercup Family

Common Uses:  Alterative, astringent, diuretic, alterative, diaphoretic, emmenagogue (starts menstrual flow), expectorant, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, cardiac stimulant (safer than digitalis), anti-inflammatory, sedative, antitussive, uterine stimulant, Insoluble in water. Tincture used for bronchitis, chorea, menstrual irregularities, stimulates kidney, restores digestive system to normal, fever, nervous disorders, chorea (St. Vitus’ Dance), lumbago, rheumatism, measles, scarlet fever, smallpox. Traditionally important for “female ailments”, painful menses and helps in labor and delivery during childbirth. Research has confirmed estrogenic, hypoglycemic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory activity. Applied as poultice to wounds. Helps relieve sinusitis, persistent coughs, bronchitis, whooping cough, headache, and asthma. Lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Relives pain, palpitations, panic attacks, relieves muscle spasms, neuralgia, morning sickness, and menstrual cramps. Helpful for poisonous bites. Can be used as an antidote for the venom of snakebites. Reduces mucus levels. The liquid obtained from boiling the roots can be used to treat diarrhea in children. Combined with skullcap, wood betony, passionflower, and valerian, black cohosh works as a mild tranquilizer. Black cohosh has the same effects on the female system as synthetic estrogen, without the side effects. Best of all, Black cohosh has no cancer causing agents like synthetic estrogen.

*Warnings:  This plant must only be used in small quantities since strong or large doses cause nausea and vomiting, symptoms of poisoning. Avoid during pregnancy until labor and only under supervision of a doctor. Do not take if any type of chronic disease is present.

Origin:  Rich upland woods, hillsides and woods at higher elevations. Southern Ontario to Georgia; Missouri to Wisconsin. Native of North America.

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