Blackberry Leaf


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Common Names: Bramble, Cloudberry, Dewberry, Goutberry, High Blackberry, Piao, Thimbleberry, Wild Western Thimbleberries

Scientific Name: Rubus Villosus L., Rubus Fructicosus, Rosaceae, Rose Family

Common Uses: Isocitric, and malic acids; sugars, pectin, monoglycoside of cyanidin, tannin (high in root bark and leaves), iron, carbohydrates, sodium, magnesium, and vitamin A and C, Blackberry leaves and roots are a long-standing home remedy for cholera, anemia, regulates menses, diarrhea and dysentery. Prolonged use of the tea is also beneficial for enteritis, chronic appendicitis, stomach upset, and leukorrhea. It is said to have expectorant properties as well. A tea made from the dried root can be used for dropsy. The chewing of the leaves for bleeding gums goes back to the time of Christ. The fruit and juice are taken for anemia. A standard infusion is made, which can also be applied externally as a lotion, reported to cure psoriasis and scaly conditions of the skin. Blackberries also make wine, brandy; and flavor liqueurs and cordials. Also, it can help with sinus problems and congestion.

*Warnings: Should not take more than a week at a time without a rest. Plenty of fluids should be ingested while taking blackberry.

Origin: Grows in dry or sandy soil, along woodland edges, in hedge rows, along roadsides, and on disturbed ground in the northeastern and middle states of the United States. and is cultivated elsewhere. West into Minnesota and south to Tennessee.

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