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Common Names:  Pineapple Extract, Pineapple Enzyme, Ananas

Scientific Name:  Sulphydryl Proteolytic Enzyme, and Cysteine-Proteinase

Common Uses:  Reducing Swelling (inflammation) Especially of the Nose and Sinuses after Surgery or Injury, Hay fever, treating a bowel condition, removing dead and damaged tissue after a burn, relaxing muscles, stimulating muscle contractions, slowing clotting, improving the absorption of antibiotics, preventing cancer, shortening labor, helps get rid of body fat, some studies suggested bromelain may help reduce the ill effects of some types of chemotherapy, osteoarthritis.

*Warnings:  Upset stomach and diarrhea have been noted when taking bromelain. Caution should be taken if you have high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease or bleeding disorders. amoxicillin interacts with bromelain, medicines that slow blood clotting interacts with bromelain. People with peptic ulcers should not use bromelain.

Origin:  First found on the island of Guadeloupe in 1493.

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