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Common Names:  Agathosma Betulina, Agathosma Crenulata, Agathosma Serratifolia, Barosma Betulina, Barosma Crenulata, Barosmae Folium, Barosma Serratifolia, Bookoo, Bucco, Buccu, Bucku, Bukku, Diosma, Diosma Crenulata, Diosma Serratifolia, Hartogia Betulin, Parapetalifera Betulina, Parapetalifera Crenulata, Parapetalifera Odorata, Parapetalifera Serrata, Parapetalifera Serratifolia, Round Buchu, Short Buch.

Scientific Name:  Barosma Betulina L., Rutaceae

Common Uses:  Urinary tract infections, Kidney infections, Sexually transmitted diseases.

*Warnings:  Buchu seems to be safe in food amounts and is possibly safe when used appropriately in medicinal amounts. But it may be UNSAFE in larger amounts and when the oil is consumed. Buchu may irritate the stomach and kidneys and increase menstrual flow. It may also cause liver damage, so liver function in people who use buchu should be monitored by a healthcare provider.

Origin:  Grows principally in South Africa.

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