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Common Names: Adder’s Mouth, Chickweed, Indian Chickweed, Satinflower, Scarweed, Starweed, Starwort, Stitchwort, Tongue Grass, White Bird’s-Eye, Winterweed

Scientific Name: Stellaria Media

Common Uses: Relieves Arthritis Pain, Inflammation, colds, coughs, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, heals skin disorders when used as salve.

*Warnings: Taking this herb in excess can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.Use of this herb is not recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding.Chickweed contains nitrates and over using it can cause nitrate poisoning. This has happened in humans – particularly in infants who are less than six months old.

Origin: Native to Europe, but found throughout the temperate regions of North America.

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Encapsulated, Cut and Sifted, Powder


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