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Common Names:  Soursop

Scientific Name:  Annona Muricata

Common Uses:  Cancer prevention or treatment, Although laboratory research with graviola and cancer looks promising, little is known about the role graviola supplements would play in human cancer prevention or treatment. It is difficult to say whether graviola herb or extract is effective, what the appropriate dosage would be, how long treatment would be needed, which cancers it is suited for, and how it combines with pharmaceutical anti-cancer drugs.Cancer. There is evidence that some of the chemicals in graviola may keep cancer cells from removing anticancer drugs. This may help the drugs work better. Some chemicals in graviola may also kill cancer cells directly, Bacterial infections, Parasitic infections, Coughs, Inflammation of the nose and throat, Herpes, An infection caused by sand fleas (leishmaniasis), Causing relaxation, Causing vomiting, Emptying the bowels.

*Warnings:  Atypical Parkinson’s disease symptoms, side effects, caution, safety and toxicity

Origin:  Amazon jungle and some of the Caribbean islands

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Encapsulated, Powder


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