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Common Names:  Egg Lecithin, Lecithine, Lecithine d’uf, Lecithine de Graine de Soya, Lecithine de Soya, Lecitina, Ovolecithin, Ovolecithine, Phospholipide de Soja, Phospholipide de Soya, Phospholipides de Soya, Soy Lecithin, Soy Phospholipid.

Scientific Name:  Phosphatidylcholine

Common Uses:  Liver disease, High Cholesterol Some evidence shows that lecithin decreases cholesterol inhealthy people, but not in people who have high cholesterol. Gallbladder disease. Problems with memory such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Manic-depressive disorder. Early research shows that taking lecithin improves symptoms of delusions, jumbled speech, and hallucinations in people with mania, Dry skin, dermatitis. Lecithin is often put in skin creams to help the skin retainmoisture. People may tell you this works, but there is no reliable clinical research showing that lecithin is effective for this use. Athletic performance. Limited research shows that taking lecithin by mouth does notseem to improve athletic performance in trained athletes. Movement disorders, Early studies suggest that taking lecithinby mouth alone, or in combination with lithium, does not appear to improve symptoms in people with tardive dyskinesia when used for 2 months. Anxiety, Eczema.
*Warnings:  Over time, large amounts of choline, a chemical in lecithin, could lead to liver problems or other complications. Check with your doctor or nutritionist before taking lecithin supplements.
Origin:  Germany, USA
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