Peach Leaf – 100 Capsules

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Common Names:  Peach, T’ao (Chinese Name)

Scientific Name:  Prunus Persica L., Rose Family

Common Uses:  Peach leaves stimulates the flow of urine, they are mildly sedative, and helpful for various nervous conditions. They can be used for chronic bronchitis and chest congestion. The leaves help to relieve vomiting and morning sickness, but their dosage must be regulated to avoid excessive laxative action. Powdered dried leaves have sometimes been used to help heal sores, ulcers and wounds.

*Warnings:  Moderation must be observed when taking peach leaves, too much could cause a laxative effect. Caution should be taken when pregnant or breast feeding.

Origin:  United States, California is the predominant peach-producing state, China.


Encapsulated, Cut and Sifted, Powder


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