Plantain Oil


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Common Names:  Lance-Leaf Plantain, Buckhorn, Ch’e-ch’ien (Chinese Name), Chimney-Sweeps, Common Plantain, English Plantain, Englishman’s Foot, Headsman, Rib-Grass, Ribwort, Ripplegrass, Round-Leaved Plantain,Snake Plantain, Snake Weed, Soldier’s Herb, Waybread

Scientific Name:  Plantago Lanceolata L., Plantago Major L., Plantaginaceae, Plantain Family

Active Ingredients: Plantain Leaf, Olive Oil

Common Uses: Suggested usage for bug bites and stings. Skin irritations and eczema.

Origin:  eastern and Pacific coastal states of the United States,Canada and Europe. Native of Europe. United States.


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