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Red Clover Blossom


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Scientific Name: Trifolium Pratense L., Leguminosae, Pea Family.

Most Common names: Cleaver Grass, Cow Grass, Marl Grass, Purple Clover, Trefoil, Vana-Methika (Sanskrit Name), Wild Clover.

Most Common Uses: A sweet herb that is a blood purifier, and antibiotic used for tuberculosis and to fight other bacteria. A relaxant, an appetite ,whooping Cough suppressant. Good for inflamed lungs, colds, flu, cough, fever, and other inflammatory conditions related to gout and arthritis, most glandular ailments, gastric trouble, skin disorders, headaches, neuralgia, and the AIDS virus. Has positive effects on cancer patients when taken with chaparral. A syrupy extract of the flowers can be used externally for persistent sores, burns, abscesses, fever sores, and ulcers, also believed to prevent cancer or arrest tumors. A poultice of the plant can be tried for athlete’s foot and other skin problems. 

*Warnings: Fall or late-cut hay in large quantities can cause frothing, diarrhea, dermatitis, and decreased milk production in cattle. Diseased clover, externally showing no symptoms, may contain the indolizidine alkaloid slaframine, which is much more poisonous than castanospermine, now being studied  for anti-AIDS and antidiabetic activity.

Origin: North America and Europe.

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