Sumac Berry


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Common Names:  Blue Glabrum, Dwarf Sumac, Mountain Sumac, Indian Salt (the powder on the berries), Pennsylvania Sumach, Scarlet Sumac, Sleek Sumach, Smooth Sumac, Upland Sumach

Scientific Name:  Rhus Glabra L., Anacardiaceae, Cashew Family

Common Uses:  Refrigerant, diuretic, emmenagogue, diaphoretic, cephalic

*Warnings:  Care should be taken to identify Sumac correctly. Other varieties of Rhus can be very toxic (poison ivy and poison oak). Sumacs with smooth white berries, toothless leaves, and (usually) grows in or near swamps are poisonous. Poison Sumacs may cause allergic skin reactions in sensitive people. Free use of the bark of Sumac will produce catharsis.

Origin:  Eastern United States into southern Canada and west to the prairies and the Rockies

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