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Yellow Dock Root


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Common Names:  Bitter Root, Bitterwort, Gentian Root, Pale Gentian

Scientific Name:  Rumex Crispus L.

Common Uses:  A bitter herb that is good for liver and colon function, skin disorders such as psoriasis, cleanses skin of freckles and age spots, eczema, and urticaria, iron deficiency, especially during pregnancy, dyspepsia, leprosy, cancer, ulcerated eyelids, syphilis, gonorrhea, swollen lymph glands, hemorrhoids, bleeding lungs, bile congestion, laxative, scrofula, diarrhea, ringworm, fungus infections, rheumatism. A blood purifier and cleanser. Tones up the entire system. Combine with sarsaparilla as a tea for chronic skin disorders. The ointment is used for itching, sores, swellings, shingles, and scabby eruptions. Native Americans applied crushed yellow dock leaves to boils and the pulverized roots to cuts. When the leaves are crushed and applied as a poultice, yellow dock offers soothing relief from burning itch.

*Warnings:  Yellow dock is high in tannin content and should be taken only every other week. Care should be taken if emaciated. Large doses may cause gastric disturbance; nausea, diarrhea, etc.

Origin:  Yellow root grows abundantly in central and southern Appalachia near forest streams, Maine, south into Florida, and west into Texas and Ohio.

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