Tuesday, March 17th at 10 am, we will begin packing and loading all the office stuff in our semi to prepare to close our office doors. This is just temporarily until we can get our building set up on our new land. Patricia will continue doing the herbal consults and filling orders from her home and I will continue to handle the tribal business from my home. We need every body who is able to help to please show up starting Tuesday to help us get this done. We need strong backs and good organizers to help this process go faster. If you can’t lift you can still help with the packing and organizing. The address is: 1531 Blount Avenue Guntersville.

We are 11 days into the new posts with our daily prayers. True to form I have managed to get buried under paperwork and am just now getting to share the posts of UCAN’s artisans we have highlighted so far this month Ka ga li (pronounced Kah gah lee) – February here on this website. Here are the ones we have posted up to today.

       Wampum Belt made by Bob Upton


          Bows made by Tribal Council member George Denmark

       Flintknapped knife made by Joe Collins

     Wampum belt/sash made by Aodhàn Crawford

     Knives crafted by Dewayne Long

     Jewelry crafted by Kass Kussman

     Gustoweh crafted by Bob Upton

     Gourd mask crafted by Barbara Long

     Bows crafted by Tribal Council member George Denmark

     Flintknapped knife by Joe Collins

     handcrafted dreamcatcher by Morningdove Smith

We are looking forward to enjoying many more pictures to share from our artisans. Thank you all for your support. To our UCAN artisans: Please keep these pictures coming in. Email your photos to: dixonzoo@aol.com. The more pictures we have to share the longer we can keep this going. Let’s see if we can keep this going a whole year.