Cherokee Language Word of the Month

We are continuing to make an effort to learn our language. There are some who were never introduced to our ancestral language so learning it is quite a struggle. In our efforts to learn we are picking a word to practice and making it a part of our morning/daily prayers on Facebook. We are also branching out and trying to include it in a monthly post here on our website. Well, that was our intentions, but guess who forgot to post it until the end of the month.

Our word for the month of August has been U na do da quo nv hi (pronounced oo nah doh dah kwoh nuh hee) – Monday. It has been a month of U na do da quo nv hi! Here’s hoping I can get my act together and get our Word of the Month posted for September at the beginning of the month instead of at the end. Be patient with me, I am a work in progress.

We will be practicing a day of the week for the next 5 months and then plan to move on to learning the word for the months for the next 12 months. Come learn with us. -Chief Judy Dixon

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