Fellowship Gathering March

Due to the mandate remaining in affect for gatherings until April of this year council and I will meet soon to discuss a plan for us to be able to hold a gathering this month. Our gatherings are usually larger than is allowed by the current mandate in place so we will discuss whether it would be possible to rent a larger room or try and host a gathering on our land (minus the food), weather permitting. Since our land does not have bathrooms as yet it will be more of a get together to tour our land and discuss plans on how to get together and get the pad finished so we can get our office up and get an area cleaned up enough to possibly host our PowWow. We are all anxious to be able to get together once again but we need to keep in mind all that is currently going on. There are many in our tribal family that are currently sick with COVID or have family or close friends sick with this virus. There are many who are vulnerable and high risk if infected and should not be put in harms way for any reason. We are also in need of some normalcy in our lives, even if just something as simple as a get together, small or large. We will keep all of the factors in mind when we discuss the best possible solution. As soon as we can get together and form a plan for how to make this happen we will post it here on our Facebook page and on our website, so please be watching for the latest news when it is available. Thank you for all your support.

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