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Due to the ongoing threat of COVID19 all Fellowship Gatherings have been cancelled. We had tried to coordinate a way to hold one on our land but there are too many variables to overcome to allow us to do this safely. We do not have shaded areas to allow folks to get out of the hot sun. We do not have power to run any cooling fans. We do not have any bathrooms or port o’ johns available. The progress on the land has been hindered by ongoing rainy weather but we are making some progress. We have a fence and gate up to protect the material now being brought to the land to do the work needed. We have a pad area ready to be formed for a concrete pour for the building foundation. As soon as we get another break in the rain we will move forward with getting this formed.

We had a great amount of chert and top soil brought in to begin working on the PowWow area as well. There is a lot more work that will need to be done there as well.

Along with the rain we are also having to deal with limited funding and doing a lot of bargain shopping. By the time we get everything done to erect the building we may not have the funds to finish the interior of the building. We will be looking at trying to do some yard sale fundraisers, but this cannot be done until the threat of COVID is gone. In the meantime I will make every effort to resume the silent auctions on our Facebook page and website. We just closed one on an American Indian doll with a hand crocheted yellow dress. Congratulations Butch Richardson on the winning bid. Keep watching our Facebook page and/or website for new items up for auction. Don’t forget we still have our fundraiser through RADA Cutlery and be sure to use when you sign in to shop at Amazon and choose our tribe as your charity.

Thank you for your support!

Principal Chief Judy Dixon

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