New Land Trust Savings Fundraiser

Thanks to Sherman Dobson for sharing the information with us about this wonderful company that is offering another fundraising opportunity for our tribe. We are so close to having the money needed to purchase the land but still have a ways to go because of closing fees and additional funding that will be needed to start the work necessary to set up a temporary office. Then the next phase of the fundraising will begin if we are to have a permanent office with additional rooms for our fellowship hall, classrooms for crafting and language classes, a storefront and museum as well. We have many talented individuals in professions that will aid us in this process and they have generously offered their services to help with this effort. Please share this link with all your friends and family. Send it through all your social media accounts as well as email. Using this link will allow your friends and family to purchase the products they want and have them mailed directly to them. A portion of each purchase will go into an account for our tribes fundraiser. We will receive 40% from all purchases made through this link over the next 365 days. Please, please, please, do your part and get this out there. We can’t achieve our goals without your help. It is because of the efforts of all of you that we have made it this far, now let’s rock this fundraiser and make our dreams a reality! All funds received through this fundraiser will go directly into our land savings fund. The link to follow to shop with Rada Cutlery and help our tribal family reach their goal is:

Thank you for all your support.


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