UCAN PowWow 2021

So far it is looking like our PowWow is going to be held the weekend of May 22nd and 23rd. These dates are not definite as yet, but are likely. The conditions are primitive, there will be no power or kitchen. Sherman Dobson’s trailer we used for the kitchen was stolen and there is no power to the grounds. We are negotiating with some food vendors to have a source for food to be purchased on the grounds but the details are not worked out as yet. We are working with limited funds as all our funds are going into the needed land development to get our offices up and to do the needed work on the PowWow area for future PowWow’s. There are a lot of expenses involved with putting on even a primitive PowWow, ie. Insurance, Trash, Port o’pots, printing and distributing flyers, etc. Admission will be free this year and we are offering our Vendors a “Welcome Back” discounted rate for 2021. We normally pay our drum, MC, AD, Head Lady and Head Man. We are working on contacting individuals about serving in these positions and will be asking all who can to volunteer without compensation if possible to help reduce our expenses. These will prevent us from pulling too much funding away from what is needed for the land development. If you serve in one of these positions and are willing to volunteer your time please contact me by private message or email at dixonzoo@aol.com. Your patience, consideration and support are greatly appreciated. Please remember this is not a definite date just a “we hope to have it then” date.

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