Word of the Month

I dropped the ball once again. I had every intention of posting our word of the month and got as far as the word for August -U na do da quo nv hi (pronounced oo nah doh dah kwoh nuh hee) – Monday. But then September came sneaking up on me and preparations for putting on the End of the Trail PowWow in Waterloo and I neglected to put up our word for that month – Ta li ne i ga (pronounced Tah lee nay ee gah) – Tuesday. As September snuck away in came October and our word for that month was Tso i ne i ga (pronounced Joh ee nay ee gah) – Wednesday.  Then came the holiday season with our word for November – Nv gi ne i ga (pronounced Nuh gee nay ee gah) – Thursday. Finishing the year off with Tsu na gi lo s di (pronounced Joo nah gee loh ss dee) – Friday.  

Here it is January and our new word of the month is U na do da qui de na (pronounced oo nah doh dah dwee day nah) – Saturday. What a mouthful! 

Next month we will begin practicing the Cherokee word for the month. So February starts our new calendar of practice and maybe 2020 will be the year I remember to post our word of the month. I have an idea I am working on to go with this. Stay tuned and lets see where this new year takes us and if my idea works out or not. 

Thank you for all your support and patience!

Chief Judy Dixon

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