Catching up is hard to do!

With our offices being closed and this endless quarantine going on there is just not much news going on. It was suggested I send out another newsletter, but seriously there isn’t enough that has happened since our last newsletter to fill even one page, unless of course you want me to blah, blah, blah about what I’ve been doing since our office closed. I would consider doing that but I’m afraid it would put me to sleep. I do have some news to report as far as our land development project. We finally managed to start doing some work: we got the county to fix the entrance to the land, we got Joe Collins and Glen Hale to meet on the land to discuss what needed to be done to get the pad started for the building and fix the PowWow area, we got 10 loads of chert, 4 loads of topsoil and 1 load of gravel delivered and moved around and not much else. Between the rainy season and quarantine it has been very slow progress. We have discovered some problems that must be corrected and some of these are altering how we had hoped to lay everything out on the land. This is God’s creation and we will have to work with what we have offered. We have plenty of room to wiggle around and make it our home and it will provide everything we need; an office and a PowWow area with room to grow and expand. We are having issues with keeping cost down and limited funds. One of our main expenses is getting a septic system installed. There seems to be an absence of competition out there to do this. If you know of a good reputable company that does these please let us know. Our next big expense is getting the concrete for the building foundation. The price of concrete is through the roof right now and may be in short supply due to a highway project going on in Huntsville, AL. Joe Collins is helping us with getting the pad set up and is going to help with working the concrete when we get to that stage but it is an obstacle prone road getting to that stage. There is such a low area where we would like to have the PowWow area that we are gonna need a lot more work to correct this. Fill dirt/topsoil is needed. We don’t have the use of a bulldozer again but once my husband Steve gets his backhoe repaired he can do a lot of this work (when he is able to have his days off again).

I have neglected our Auction Fundraiser and I sincerely apologize. Starting with this blog, I will make a point of doing these again. We were doing them every two or three months, but with all the activity trying to close the office and get settled into working from home, I kinda let them fall through the crack. The item being offered in this auction was donated by Bob Upton. It is an American Indian doll with hand crocheted dress. You can place a bid several ways: to place a bid from our Facebook timeline you can leave a comment below this post or send me a private message, you can email a bid to or you can text or call 256 582-2333 (if you call and don’t get an answer leave a message). If you are the winning bidder, please include an additional $22.00 for the postage. If you live locally I can arrange to meet you somewhere to deliver it. Bidding will end June 28 at noon. All the funds raised from the auction of this item (except the postage) go directly into our building fundraiser account.

If all goes well and the quarantine limitations are loosened up some more we may be able to get together for fellowship gathering July 12th. We will have to wait until we get close to this date before we will know. We have to go by what the Guntersville Recreation Center will allow since that is where it will be holding it. Keep watching our website calendar for any updates or changes.

We recently moved our website to a new server. There have been some glitches and adjustments taking place. We hope to have them all worked out real soon. If you find any problem or issue while you are accessing our website please let me know. You can reach me through my email or the office phone number listed above.

Well how about that……I almost filled up a whole page! I guess there was more news than I thought. Thank you all for your patience and continued support. Keep our tribe and our country in your prayers.

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