Judy Dixon

Vice Chief voting results

The results of the voting for the position of Vice Chief results are in: Lucas Bridges is our new Vice Chief. He will be sworn in at our next Fellowship Gathering at the Rec Center if he is able to attend. Thank you all for voting.

Vice Chief position

Tribal Council met Saturday, November 20th to review the nominations received for the position of Vice Chief. We interviewed the top 3 candidates and based on your recommendations and the qualifications of each candidate we are able to present the final 2 candidates for you to vote on. I am including a brief resume presented …

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Fellowship Gathering

Our Fellowship gathering this month, November 14th, will be at the Guntersville Recreation Center located at 1500 Sunset Drive in Guntersville. They don’t open the doors until 1 pm so you may have to wait a few minutes for us to get everything set up and ready to enjoy a meal and good fellowship. This …

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Tribal Council positions

Last month UCAN’s Vice Chief resigned his position leaving a vacancy. Starting November 1, 2021 Tribal Council is requesting all tribal citizen’s mail in their nomination for the position. These nominations must meet the following qualifications: Must be 21 years of age or older. Must be computer literate. Must be an enrolled citizen of good …

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