Our last item for auction did not get any response so let’s hope this one will do better. Our item up for auction is a hand crocheted and special design from our sweet friends from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade the McCauley’s. Carol designed and crocheted this beautiful purse for us to auction for our land savings fundraiser. All bids can be made by emailing your bid to dixonzoo@aol.com. Please put silent auction item in Subject line of email.. The bidding will end at noon on September 13th. If you are the winning bid and need for this item to be shipped to you it will not be shipped until payment is received. You must include an additional $10.00 for the cost of shipping to your payment.




We are continuing to make an effort to learn our language. There are some who were never introduced to our ancestral language so learning it is quite a struggle. In our efforts to learn we are picking a word to practice and making it a part of our morning/daily prayers on Facebook. We are also branching out and trying to include it in a monthly post here on our website. The word for this month is U na do da qua s gv (pronounced oo nah doh dah kwah ss guh) – Sunday. Yep it is gonna be a month of Sundays! We will be practicing a day of the week for the next 7 months and then plan to move on to learning the word for the months for the next 12 months. Come learn with us. -Chief Judy Dixon


New item up for auction is a large collection of Football, Baseball and Basketball cards. There are over 3,000 Football cards in the box. There are 591 Baseball cards and 800 Basketball cards. There are even a few valued at $5.00 each. These cards were donated by Scotie Hardy. Bidder needs to be able to pick these up at the office located at 1531 Blount Avenue (across from ACE Hardware) Guntersville or be willing to pay a high shipping cost. I haven’t taken these to the post office for a price check on postage but have enough experience with postage to know it would run about $20 or $30 to mail these. If you are the winning bid and need them to be mailed to you I will price the postage and it will be added to the bid amount. All proceeds with the exception of any shipping fees will go into our land savings trust fund. To bid email your bid to dixonzoo@aol.com. The auction will end at noon July 5th. Thank you and Good luck!

This auction item must be picked up by the winner of the auction from the tribal office located at 1531 Blount Avenue, Guntersville, AL (across from ACE Hardware) as I will not risk it being damaged in the mail. It is a beautiful lamp donated by Scottie Hardy. It is 26″ tall with glass pieces in the lamp shade. We have an opening bid of $100.00. Bidding will close at noon on March 21st. You can bid by emailing: dixonzoo@aol.com. All proceeds from this auction will go into the land savings trust fund. Thank you and Good luck!

Alabama Indian Affairs Commission Scholarship applications are now available by following the link below. Please note that it states Paige Berry is the contact for this, Paige is our tribal representative with the AIAC, she does not handle the scholarship applications. These must go through the tribal office for our signature and Kasey Berry Chamblee reviews each application to ensure they are complete. The applications will be mailed from our office to the AIAC. The deadline for these to be in Montgomery is March 29 so please make sure you have them in our office no later than March 15th to allow time for these to be reviewed, corrected if necessary and mailed out to Montgomery. The address to mail them to is: UCAN/Scholarship / PO Box 754 / Guntersville, AL 35976.