March Fellowship

Vice Chief Lowrey Hesse just checked the land and said it looks good for Fellowship Sunday afternoon, March 21, 2021.

Time for Fellowship is 1:00 pm

The address is 221 Pleasant Hill Road Guntersville, AL 35976.

Just a reminder this is going to be a get together to tour the land and discuss what needs to be done to get our office building up and prepare an area for PowWow. There is not going to be any meal. We do not have bathroom facilities at this time. Please bring a chair if you need one. If you need something to eat or drink please bring your own drink and a sack lunch. There will not be any tables or chairs set up. Pay attention to where you park outside the gate so you are less likely to get stuck. We had a lot of rain Wednesday and Thursday morning. Lowrey is confidant that you can get on the land without any problem but a little bit of caution and paying attention to where you park will be a plus. We don’t have any way to get anyone unstuck. COVID is still an issue so I ask that you use common sense and protect yourself and those around you. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask that is your choice. Those who prefer to wear a mask please do. There are some who are at high risk and should be protected and respected. Some of you have gotten the vaccine and are supposedly protected, there are some of us who cannot get the vaccine or have not gotten it yet. You decide how to best protect yourself but I ask that you also be considerate of those attending by protecting and respecting them. I get paid in hugs but since I am unable to receive the vaccine I ask that you wait until there is no longer a risk to offer me my pay. We can hug when all this mess is less of a risk.

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