United Cherokee AniYunWiYa Nation Needs Your Help!

In late 2016 we began working on trying to raise enough funds to purchase our own land. The end of 2019 we signed on our land, thanks to the hard work of our tribal citizens and community support. As we were gearing up to start working on developing the land, COVID hit and a severely leaky roof in our rented offices, making it necessary to close that office. A 40 x 50 prefab building was purchased by Chief Judy Dixon and her husband and has been sitting in their yard waiting for our tribal family to be able to get a pad put in to put the building up. Due to the pandemic still going strong and difficulty with schedules and health issues we have been unsuccessful in being able to do what is needed to get this office set up. If we are to succeed in this effort, it is going to take more than our previous yard sale fundraisers to raise the funds needed to hire a crew to come in and do the needed work. We need enough funds to cover the cost of putting in a cement pad and the cost of hiring a crew to put the building up. Once the building is up we will have the final costs of finishing the interior. This building came with insulation so we won’t have that cost to contend with. Although it is nice to be able to work from home it does not give our tribal family and our community the open door access we have always offered. We need a home for our citizens and community to come and visit. An office for our citizens to have easier access to the Community Action assistance we offer through our LIHEAP grant. We need our store front for our loyal herb customers to be able to come and purchase their supplements and have a face to face consult with our tribes herbalist. The building will also serve as a place for us to host our Fellowship gatherings every month with running water, electricity and bathroom facilities and not sitting under a canopy in whatever weather Mother Nature is handing us that day. In time we hope to expand and add additional buildings to this structure to allow us to have a museum and maybe even a classroom or two. But first, we must get this building up. For this reason we have set up a Go Fund Me. All the quotes we have received so far seem to point towards our needing a minimum of $40,000 to achieve this goal. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible since we are a 501(c)3 charity. If you need a tax deductible receipt you can email me at ucanonline@aol.com and one will be emailed or mailed to you. Please take a few moments of your time and share this with your friends and family. Thank you! Chief Judy Dixon.


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